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Low Vitamin D cause Low Testosterone Levels

Ralph Teller, Ironman Triathlete

Being active outdoors is a great way to maintain healthy viamin D and testosterone levels

Low levels of vitamin D are significantly and independently associated with low levels of testosterone in otherwise healthy men, according to a recent study of physicians. See Low Vitamin D Tied to Testosterone Dip in Healthy Men.

Men with low vitamin D levels had significantly lower total testosterone than those with normal total testosterone.

Testosterone levels was higher in men with normal levels of vitamin D.

"This suggests that there is something about testosterone synthesis that needs vitamin D", according to the researcher.

Our primary source of vitamin D is the sun. The key amazing process of how our body makes vitamin D involves our body's capture and use of photons from the sun. Vitamin D is made from the these photons. See Vitamin D Synthesis. Being active outdoors is a great way to maintain healthy vitamin D and testosterone levels.

Milk and dairy products are also a source of vitamin D. See Raw Milk Nutrient Content.

This finding is significant to the overall health of men, as maintaining healthy testosterone levels is important to (i) increase libido (ii) keep men's bones dense and strong, (iii) build muscle mass, and (iv)produce red blood cells.

It is essential for active, competitive and athletic men to have normal testosterone levels. Healthy testosterone levels are essential to athletic peak performance.

For the role testosterone plays in red blood cell production see Key Nutrients for Red Blood Cell Production.

For a comprehensive list of natural sources of foods that help boost testosterone see A Diet to Boost Testosterone.

For natural ways to boost testosterone see How to Increase Testosterone Levels and Production Naturally.

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