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Optimum Body Temperature for Excellent Health and Longevity

Ralph Teller, Ironman Triathlete

Maintaining our Optimal Body Temperature plays a key role in maintaining good health, staying strong and living longer

Most of us are unaware that maintaining a certain body temperature . . . our Optimal Body Temperature . . . . is important to our health, vigor and longevity.

What is Optimum Body Temperature. In order to function optimally, our body must be at a certain temperature. The exact optimal temperature for each of us varies slightly. However, at the cellular level our enzymes (proteins) are dependent upon a certain shape and conformation to best perform. When the body is too hot the enzymes are too loose and when the body is too cold the enzymes become too contracted, but in either case the enzymes are not the shape to function optimally.

Our organs also perform best under an optimal body temperature.

Why causes Optimum Body Temperature to Drop? Our body temperature begins to drop under the following circumstances:

  • Slowing Metabolism. As we age, our metabolism slows. We can help offset this slowing metabolism, in part, by remaining active.
  • Exposure to Cold Temperatures. Exposure to cold temperatures and cold, wet or windy weather can lower our body temperature.
  • Low Blood Sugar Levels. Low blood sugar levels can lower our core body temperature.
  • Inactive Lifestyle. An inactive lifestyle can over time lower our metabolism thereby lowering our core body temperature.
  • Too Comfortable Indoor Lifestyle. A modern lifestyle surrounded by artificial indoor comforts can lower your metabolism and core body temperature.
  • Why maintaining Optimum Body Temperature is Important. Maintaining our Optimal Body Temperature plays a key role in maintaining good health, staying strong and living longer. Maintaining our Optimal Body Temperature also helps prevent common colds.

    When Optimal Body Temperature is maintained, we are still exposed to cold virus, but the body is better able to defend against them when Optimal Body Temperature is maintained. When we become chilled or the body temperature drops, our systems and immune system do not function as well and we become more susceptible to colds and disease

    What we can do when Chilled. When becoming chilled or feeling a little under the weather, good preventive defenses that will help you regain your optimimum body temperature include:

  • Take a hot shower or bath.
  • Eat foods high in healthy carbohydrates. Eating foods high in healthy carbohydrates which the body can break down into glucose, our body's primary source of energy. These foods include whole grains, potatoes and pasta.
  • Drink warm milk. Drinking warm milk will increase your core body temperature and hydrate your body. Milk is also high in lactose, which the body quickly digests into glucose. Raw milk also contains lactase, an enzyme which quicklydigests lactose into glucose. See Raw Milk Nutrient Content
  • Exercise. Moderate exercise gets your juices flowing, increasing your metabolism which will raise your core body temperature. Best to get the exercise outdoors by taking walk.
  • How to Maintain Optimum Body Temperature. Our Optimum Body Temperature is achieved and maintained with:

  • Regular exercise. Activity = Life.
  • Good diet that contains nutritious carbohydrates. Eating foods high in quality carbohydrates provide the fuel to keep metabolism high and keep the body warm.
  • Stay hydrated. Stay hydrated and maintain good electrolyte balance. It is interesting to note that when exposed to cold conditions the onset of hypothermia begins when the body begins to lose hydration. This is why when out in the wilderness, it is easier to survive without food than it is without water.
  • Train your body to provide metabolism for the purpose of maintianing body warmth. It is possible to train the body to increase metabolism for the purpose of providing internal warmth. We can train our bodies to acclimatize to colder weather. This is done in part by properly fueling the body with good carbohydrates while at the same time relying less on layers of clothing.
  • Sleep slightly cool. Sleeping slightly cool will help your body maintain a level of metabolism that will keep your body warm. If you sleep too warm, your body will not generate heat to maintain warmth. Recent studies have shown that sleeping slighly cool will also help you maintain your optimal body weight.
  • Be outdoors. Being outdoors helps your body adjust to a more vibrant environment, building your metabolism. Maintaining a lifestyle of being primarily in an indoor artificial environment is not stimulating and will over time lower your metabolism.
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