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Trent Grimsey pool swimming
Trent Grimsey, English Channel Record Holder, 2012 FINA Open Water Grand Prix Champion

Swim Training Plans to Improve Swimming Speed and Endurance

by Trent Grimsey, English Channel World Record Holder - 6:55 hours, 2012 FINA Open Water Grand Prix Champion

"Dedication is what you do when no one else is watching."

Train with Trent!

Trent is the fastest endurance swimmer on the Planet, swimming coach at Queensland University of Technology and has developed great swimming pool Training Plans that will improve your swimming performance in pool competition, Ironman, 70.3 and Olympic Triathlons, 1 mile to 10k open water swim races and in English Channel distance swims!

Build Endurance and Improve Speed! These workouts are specifically tailored to build your endurance and speed for pool competition, Ironman Triathlons, open water swim races, English Channel and marathon distance swims, Ironman 70.3 and Olympic Triathlons.

12 Week Training Plans! Training Plans available for Ironman Triathlon, Ironman 70.3, Olympic Distance Triathlons, Open Water Swim Races, Pool competition and English Channel and marathon distance swims! Each Training Plan has detailed structured workouts focused either on aerobic, heart rate, sprint, recover and race pace training! The Triathlon Plans have built in flexibility to mesh with your weekly cycling and run training. Regarding the marathon distance swims, the Training Plan is designed to increase your speed to (i) lessen your time spent in the cold water and (ii) increase your sustained metabolism which generates internal body heat to better deal with the cold water.
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English Channel, Marathon Training Plan

Ironman Triathlon Training Plan

Ironman 70.3 Training Plan

Olympic Triathlon Training Plan

Open Water Race Training Plan

Pool Competition Training Plan

Keep swimming, be safe!

Trent Grimsey is a member of the Australian National Open Water Swimming Team and one of the best open water swimmers in the world. Trent is the English Channel World Record Holder and is the 2012 FINA Open Water Grand Prix Champion. Trent participated in the 2011 FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China and on the FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup and the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix series. He won the shortened 2012 Maratón Internacional Hernandarias – Paraná in Argentina. Trent also has the following accomplishments: FINA World Championships 25km (Rome)- SILVER, 2009 FINA World Cup 10km (Sharjah) - GOLD, 2009 Waikiki Rough Water Swim (Hawaii)- GOLD, 2010 Australian Nationals 5km - GOLD, 2010 The Great Australian Swim (Redcliffe) - 1st, 2011 Maui Channel Swim (team) 18K - 1st (Maui, Hawaii), 2011 Optimis Sport Distance Swim Challenge 20km - 1st (Los Angeles, USA), 2011 Australian Nationals 5km - SILVER, 2011 The Great Australian Swim (Coolangatta) - 1st, 2011 Noosa Blue Ocean Swim - 1st, 2011 Cadiz Freedom Swim (Cape Town, South Africa) - 2nd, 2012 Capri-Napoli Marathon - 1st, set course record - World Record English Channel Swim set August 28, 2012 of 6:55 hours.
Trent attended Genesis Christian College, completed his Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Diploma of Fitness, and lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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Swim Training Plans
Triathlons, Open Water Racing, Pool Competition, English Channel, Marathon Trent Grimsey, English Channel World Record Holder Build Speed and Endurance
by Trent Grimsey, English Channel Record Holder

Run Training Plans
Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Triathlon,
5k-10k races
2008 ITU Duathlon World Championship in Rimini, Italy Build Speed and Endurance
Jan Raphael, Ironman Champion
Chris Harig, Duathlon National Champion

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