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Health Benefits of Aerobic Sports and Activities

The are significant Health Benefits in participating in aerobic sports such as Cycling, Hiking, walking, Swimming, Running. These benefits include (i) improved metabolism efficiency, (ii) increased nutrients to cells and organs due to increased blood circulation to all parts of the body, (iii) restorative health, (iv) improved quality and longevity of life, (v) better sex, (vi) a stronger immune system to prevent illness and disease, and (vii) a feeling of lasting wellness.

Engaging in sports has other tremendous benefits. In addition to improving physical health, sports offer the opportunity to learn new skills, teach, build Mental Toughness, sharpen focus and Clear Thinking skills, compete, learn team and Leadership skills, learn from failures, build confidence and make friends.

Everyone, children, young adults and adults, should be encouraged to engage in sports. All sports are good, but it is the aerobic sports which are most physically beneficial to adults.

Research has found regular exercise can help build heart mass and prevent the reduction of heart normally seen with aging.

Recent studies have found that Vigorous physical activity is even more protective than moderate activity, provided it is not overdone.

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Regular Vigorous Aerobic Activity Improves Aerobic Fitness reducing Hypertension Risks

Furthermore, a recent study has found that the risks of hypertension and high blood pressure are significantly reduced when aerobic fitness activities where at their highest. Hypertension can be avoided if people improve their fitness.

Regular vigorous aerobic activity is the principal behavioral determinant of fitness, and that being more physically active can improve one's fitness. But the activity needs to be moderate to vigorous to adequately improve fitness to see the greater health benefits.

Aerobic Sports should be Encouraged in Young Adulthood

Regular physical aerobic activity should be encouraged in young adulthoods because activity behaviors tend to track over time. Activity and fitness count in relation to the long-term prevention or development of heart disease.

People should adopt good habits early on!

However, we are all encourage to develop a balanced aerobic exercise routine!

Too little competition or challenge or too much overstmulation or stress reduces our ability to effectively cope with the challenges of competition and life!

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