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Why use Have you ever wanted to utilize a program that makes it easy and fun to log your hiking, swimming, cycling, running, kayaking, pushups, situps and wellness information, track progress, and view results, side-by-side with your friends? If so, then is for you. makes recording your health information simple!

What is it? The online exercise journal allows you to log your hiking, swimming cycling,running, pushups, situps aerobic, and other activities. You can log your activity details such as duration, pace, splits, or repetitions. Make notes each day like a diary. Track your weight, body fat %, and sleep. A report including minimum, maximum, and average of all of these variables is available. You can create custom reports to track progress. This is great for tracking the number of times you have completed a specific course or with a specific person, and what your times were during these. If you choose, you can allow others to view your log. Using the “Teams” feature, you can even give them access to leave you notes on your log. Log Powered by ©LogARun

How do I start? To start using, simply click the Signup link in the header. Here you can choose a username, display name, and password. By default, your log will be viewable by others but editable only by you. However, if you would like your log to be private, you can check the indicated box. This setting, as well as other privacy settings can be changed at any time. Go ahead, get started and Signup! You can email if you have any questions or feedback.


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Swim Training Plans
Triathlons, Open Water Racing, Pool Competition, English Channel Trent Grimsey, English Channel World Record Holder Build Speed and Endurance
Trent Grimsey, English Channel Record Holder

Run Workout Plans
Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, 5k-10k 2008 ITU Duathlon World Championship in Rimini, Italy Build Speed and Endurance
Jan Rafael, Ironman Champion
Chris Harig, Duathlon National Champion

Books on 1Vigor Mudford England, by Ralph Teller

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Random Leaderboard
Below are a list of random leaderboards from active members who are either PUBLIC or have selected they are willing to be shown on the leaderboard from the options page. You can check out all of the leaderboards to see where you stack up against others in this community. Any ideas for new leaderboards? Email 1Vigor Log Administrator.
Male swimmers who have swam the most miles over the last 7 days
  1. Hobe Horton (9.321)
  2. Ralf Huber (1.2428)
  3. Rob Hurst (1.1932)
  4. Robert Kane (1.0796)
  5. Roberto Gonzalez (0.9659)
  6. Steve Johnston (0.7955)
Compiled 3/27/2017 8:00 PM
Female swimmers who have swam the most miles over the last 7 days
  1. Swimster (2)
  2. SueE (1.2216)
  3. Rhonda Brown (1.1364)
  4. Roberta Hanlin (1.0228)
  5. Robin Haley (0.9091)
  6. SandyL (0.8523)
Compiled 3/27/2017 8:00 PM
Female runners who have ran the most miles over the last 7 days
  1. trailsrock (26.3212)
  2. SandyL (5)
  3. Robin Haley (4)
  4. Swimster (4)
  5. Rhonda Brown (2)
  6. Roberta Hanlin (2)
  7. SueE (1)
Compiled 3/27/2017 8:00 PM
Male runners who have ran the most miles over the last 7 days
  1. Dwight Grieve (49.3991)
  2. Steve Johnston (5)
  3. Robert Kane (2)
  4. Roberto Gonzalez (2)
  5. Ralf Huber (1.8641)
  6. Rob Hurst (1)
Compiled 3/27/2017 8:00 PM
Female bikers who have biked the most miles over the last 7 days
  1. Rhonda Brown (33)
  2. Roberta Hanlin (29)
  3. Robin Haley (27)
  4. SandyL (25)
  5. Swimster (25)
  6. SueE (21)
Compiled 3/27/2017 8:00 PM
Male bikers who have biked the most miles over the last 7 days
  1. Steve Johnston (35)
  2. Rob Hurst (32)
  3. Robert Kane (31)
  4. Dwight Grieve (29.8259)
  5. Roberto Gonzalez (28)
  6. Ralf Huber (21.1266)
Compiled 3/27/2017 8:00 PM