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Articles on Hydration and Electrolytes

Ralph Teller

25 Most Hydrating Natural Foods
Ralph Teller, Ironman Triathlete






Scientists at the University of Aberdeen, England found the combination of salts, minerals and natural sugars found in high water content fruits and vegetables can actually hydrate people more effectively than just water or sports drinks . . . .  Read more »

Paul B. Bennett, Jr.


Hydration and Electrolytes - Impact on Athletic Performance
by Paul B. Bennett, Jr. Ph.D.





A good natural source of electrolytes is from food. Fruit and vegetables, including canned or frozen vegetables like corn, carrots and green beans, are high in electrolytes, as are bread, milk, and...Read more »

Ralph Teller


Swimming Hydration and Electrolyte Strategies - Improved Performance and Muscle Cramp Prevention
by Ralph Teller





Whether you are a competitive short or long course pool swimmer or a casual or competitive long course open water swimmer, good hydration and electrolyte balance is essential to peak performance, muscle cramp prevention, health and safety . . . Read more »

James Styler


Ultrarunning Hydration
by James Styler





As an athlete the amount of fluids we need to consume vary proportionately with the duration and intensity of exercise that we subject ourselves to. We need to replace what we have lost through perspiration which is why adequate hydration before. . .  Read more »

Ralph Teller


Hiking, Climbing and Backpacking Hydration and Electrolyte Strategies
by Ralph Teller





Developing a Hydration and Electrolyte Strategy is Part of the Efficiency Equation for Hiking, Climbing and Backpacking health and safety. Moderate and long distance hiking, backpacking and climbing demands focus on hydration and electrolyte needs.. . . Read more »

Ralph Teller


Hydration for Endurance Athletes
by Ralph Teller





The purpose of this article is to (i) educate you on the physiologic role hydration plays in endurance athletic performance and injury prevention, (iii) have you learn the warning signs of dehydration, (iv) teach the importance of maintaining electrolyte balance   Read more »

Ralph Teller


Raw Milk - Most Effective Training and Recovery Drink
by Ralph Teller





Raw Milk is by far the most effective and nutritious drink for athletes for training and recovery. Raw (unpasteurized) milk is more nutritious than pasteurized milk as some of the nurtients in raw milk are killed or reduced during .. . . Read more »

Ralph Teller

Raw Milk Nutrient Content
by Ralph Teller






The purpose in nature of milk is to provide all the nutrients necessary to sustain health, grow, protect and heal. Nature is efficient. So is milk! Raw milk (milk that is NOT pasteurized or homogonized) contains the following nutrients that are all 100% . . .  Read more »


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