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Chris Harig

How to Treat Running Injuries with Ice
Chris Harig, Duathlon National Champion






Tendonitis. Plantar Fasciitis. Iliotibial band syndrome. Shin splints. Ah, isn't running great? Although not unique to running, these injuries come with the territory and without addressing them from a training methodology and rehabilitation ... Read more »

Matt Bixley, adventure distance runner, New Zealand

Running Strategy - 'Hitting the Wall' or Not
Matt Bixley, Adventure and Distance Runner, New Zealand





Running strategies to avoid 'Hitting the Wall', include physical and mental preparedness, consistency, glycogen stores, nutrition and hydration, setting a pace strategy consistent with the level of strength and efficiency of your. . .Read more »

Lora Heyl Erickson


Top 10 Running Tips for Triathlon and Running Training
Lora Heyl Erickson, Triathlon Coach





Lora Heyl Erickson provides the 10 most valuable running tips for running or triathlon training including, being cautious, getting proper rest, developing a good training plan, learning good nutrition, becoming a student of . . . Read more »

Dane Rauschenberg ultrarunner

Marathon Mania - Don't Call me Crazy
Dane Rauschenberg, Marathon Runner






Dane Rauschenbert is best known as a long-distance runner who ran 52 marathons, one every weekend, throughout 2006. Rauschenberg ran his 52 consecutive weekly marathons in 2006 with an average time of 3:21:16!. Dane sought to . ...  Read more »

Ralph Teller


Shin Splints Physiology, Prevention and Treatment
Ralph Teller





Shin splints, also called Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, is one of the most painful and debilitating injuries runners can experience. Endurance runners can be particularly prone to this injury. Untreated or severe shin splints can cause a tibial stress fracture . . . Read more »

Chris Harig

Running Injuries, Depression and Rehabilitation
Chris Harig, Duathlon National Champion






David Halberstam, the Pultizer Prize winning author of subjects such as the Vietnam War, politics and culture, authored a little-known book on Olympic sculling called The Amateurs. In it, he chronicles the journey of four men ...  Read more »

Travis Owens


What I Learned from My First 100 Mile Ultramarathon
Travis Owens, Distance Runner





I was wondering to myself what was I really capable of, was a 100 miles possible? The question continued to dance around in my head while I was training for my next marathon. The training took my life to another level . . Read more »

Chris Harig

Avoid "Hitting the Wall"
Chris Harig, Duathlon National Champion






We have had a lot of requests recently about the topic of “hitting the wall” or “bonking”. Whatever you want to call it, we have all experienced it at some point. Essentially, it is the point during training or competition when you have exhausted or depleted ... Read more »

James Styler


Ultrarunning: A Test of Mind, Body and Spirit
James Styler





"In the world of ultrarunning speed is relatively unimportant unless you are racing to win, the more important factors such as maintaining an even pace, nutrition and keeping a positive mindset make it a true test of mind, body and spirit. . . .   Read more »

Chris Harig

Get Out of the Road! Trail Running
Chris Harig






Get out of the road! Trail running for improved performance, injury prevention and mental health. About three years ago I made a fundamental switch in my running routine and started training almost entirely on trails. Part of the change ...  Read more »

Chris Harig


What is the Two Week Rule and How does it Help you stick with Running Chris Harig





When I started running competitively thirty years ago I had no plans and no real coaching.  It was simply that I could run.  I was built for it.  The town of Cumberland, RI had a pretty good summer track program and neighboring towns would get together...Read more »

Edith Niederfriniger

How to Train to Peak on Race Day
Edith Niederfriniger, Professional Triathlete






Peaking means to be in the best physical and mental condition at a specific day and for a specific event. Of course, this is not easy and first of all a lot of ...  Read more »

James Styler


Ultrarunning Hydration
James Styler





As an athlete the amount of fluids we need to consume vary proportionately with the duration and intensity of exercise that we subject ourselves to. We need to replace what we have lost through perspiration which is why adequate hydration before. . .  Read more »

Chris Harig

Running With Consistency to Run Faster
Chris Harig






There are a lot of variables that go into your training and ultimately your success: volume, frequency, duration, intensity, terrain, ect. All of these affect how good it is we will become as runners, but it is the routine that chisels ...  Read more »

Chris Harig

Choosing Your Next Running Shoes
Chris Harig






You’ve decided you are going to start a running program or it’s at least time to update your running shoes.  Those with the luxury of a specialty running shop in the neighborhood are likely to come away from the experience without a scratch.   Read more »

Chris Harig

Developing an Exercise Recovery Routine
by Chris Harig






Developing an exercise recovery routine is essential to improve athletic performance and reduce injury risks! One of my favorite recovery routines is to lay on the couch with my legs up. Prop up on the wall or ...  Read more »

Jill Bruyere

Marathon Training Basics
Jill Bruyere, Triathlon Coach






Training for a marathon does take a lot of time, commitment, and determination. A lot of marathon training programs out there involve at least six days per week of training. This type of program takes up a lot of time and makes it difficult to balance . . .   Read more »

Lora Heyl Erickson

Rest for Optimum Training Recovery and Performance
Lora Heyl Erickson






While good training is important, any advanced athlete will tell you that rest and recovery is as important if not more important to your success as an athlete. Rest allows your muscles to “heal” and adapt to the stress from training hard. If you are ...  Read more »

Ralph Teller


Good Running Technique for Efficiency, Faster Running and Injury Prevention
Ralph Teller, Ironman Triathlete





Running can be a great adventure from the routine and an opportunity to escape or clear one's mind. and minerals. Here are some good tips and video to help you develop an ideal running style to help you run more efficiently, run faster and . . . Read more »

Ralph Teller

A Path to Athletic Success - National Champion at age 37 - The Chris Harig Story
Ralph Teller






"These days, I know what workouts I am doing, why I am doing them, and how it’s going to get me to the race in peak condition. I also know how to build a training profile and can use a plethora of tools and resources to be efficient with my time." ...  Read more »

Chris Harig


Resolve to Resolve No More
Chris Harig





Wake up. Move. Do something. Look back. Look ahead. Breathe. Think. Smile. Greet the day. Work hard. Embrace your family. Be present. Persist. Nap. Ride your bike. Run. Eat. Eat real food. Eat your competition. Eat your race. Nap. Smile...Read more »


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